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It’s Agario time for fans of legendary unblocked game! This version of game is composed of 4 main modes those refer to servers as well. First of all you need to know you must type a nickname but Agar. Selecting a skin is optional. If you don’t select one, the game starts with a green circle. It may seem unbelievable but there are 686 skins those all are free available. Decide your favorite and select the game mode right side on main menu. FFA is a regular game, free-for-all. There is Giant mode where all players and points are crazy big. The next mode is about difficulty. Beginners should select easy server and masters should go with pros.

The last game mode and server is not that easy to tell. When you play other modes in associated servers, you will experience that spiky points will split your avatar into pieces. In Viruspop servers, these spikes are hidden. So a random point may split you at anytime. Reuniting them before being hunted is pretty difficult. This is why Virupop mode is only recommended for pro players.


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